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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A word from Gregg (finally!)

It seems like ages since Russell first asked about the possibility of Bethel sending a team to encourage us in our work in Congo. The issue hindering a team from having significant ministry input has always been language. They speak over 200 of them in the country but none are English. So I thought maybe it would be possible to do something for Congolese secondary school students who have to learn English as part of their curriculum. We sketched out a preliminary scenario, presented it to the church in the DRC and the idea of an English Bible Camp was born.

From the beginning my desire had been that any team from the US see themselves as learners more than teachers. I think the question posed to Vicki as the team landed in Uganda, "What do Americans know about God?" helped everyone keep that in perspective. Amber's testimony to the Congolese at the end of the camp "We have learned so much from you" confirmed it. The body of Christ is made up of many parts and we all need and learn from each other.

It was such an encouragement to the Congolese students that you were willing to take your vacation time and raise the money needed to come out, help them with English and study the word together. They saw that not all American youth are like the ones in magazines and in the movies. You were living examples that it is possible "to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation." Your visit and testimony won't be quickly forgotten!

This brief experience in Africa will help you look at the world from a new perspective. Karen and I wonder how God will use it to direct your future. We look forward to hearing what he'll do in your lives and how you will continue to shine "as lights in the world."

Thanks for your involvement with us in Congo for God's glory.


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