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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Overlooking the Great Rift Valley


This morning most of our team woke up to some new and exciting things…warm showers, brewed coffee, milk and cereal! Matoke Inn certainly has been a wonderful ½ way point. But for me..it was a GREAT morning to see old views, catch-up with old friends, and just reminisce! Just getting up in the morning walking out and seeing the AIM office reminded me of every morning coming into the office!! Then Lyn, the admin for AIM headquarters, stopped in to see me!!!! It was great to see her again and hear what God has been doing here in Uganda….plus she was trying to entice me to come back for 6 months (December-May). Russell must have paid her off to see if he can get rid of me for a while!

Then I got to see Godfrey, the caretaker for the AIM office and Matoke Inn. He has become a father again and was very excited to tell me about his brand new daughter! I also got to see my good friends Shuni and Gizmo—the AIM dogs…I LOVE THEM!

We headed out after breakfast and drove with our driver Dennis (he has been such a great tour guide for our trip to QE) to Mbarara. In Mbarara, we stopped at a restaurant and met up with Russell’s friend from high school Renee Rose and her husband Nick and their 4 children. Renee had a special treat and had us come back to the house for chocolate/peanut butter brownies and sugar cookies. Nick’s parents have traveled out to Uganda numerous times and they have built a FORT in the back of the yard that would put any of our swing sets to shame! Oh yeah..and we broke their tire swing…I guess 3 teenagers weigh more then 4 little kids…who would have thought. Renee has enticed us back by promising our boys pancakes on Wednesday…so we’ll be back I think…at least Dan and Greg will be (parents…get food ready…they have definitely NOT been eating until they are full…but no complaints!)

We then headed to the game park and went to King Fischer, our hotel. I can’t begin to describe our view…but our rooms look OVER the Rift Valley!!!! Words can’t describe! And yes…we saw elephant the first night. But I’ll leave the rest of the game park description for Vicki for tomorrow!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers…they have been felt and have been needed! We love you all and can’t wait to see you in a few days!


Kelly (steward I.W.W.P.O.T)



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