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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Reluctant Blogger

Hello from Africa! We have all been assigned days for the blog and my day has been to write something for today. So today has been a very busy day for the team. It was our last day in Bunia and our first day traveling back. We were concluding the main part of our mission while at the same time trying to find time to reflect on what we did. We are still trying to find quiet times to reflect—this has been a difficulty for the team because we have always been running from dawn till late with different ministry opportunities and/or team events and meetings. Certainly it will not be until after the trip is over that we will have time to really reflect upon everything that has been happening. But what is immediately evident is that God was in total control of the events and ministry throughout this entire week.

My one real prayer and hope is that the Word of God will be preached and presented boldly and clearly. Although I have not reflected too much on the details of how this has played out over the week, I do believe that God has enabled us and accomplished this prayer. We thank God for this opportunity to be involved in this and empowering us to be more then we otherwise would be. It has been on God’s strength this whole week has been possible, and therefore to Him goes all the glory.

God has been good to us as a team and individually. For myself, God has given me many joys and blessing, both big and small. A small example is that even from our flights to and from Bunia, God allowed me the chance to fly with the MAF pilots and to be the PIC (Pilot In Command) for almost 3 hours total. The flying aspect itself was a blessing, because we were flying over the African jungles and mountains, but the real blessing that God gave me was the fellowship with the missionary pilots. I was able to ask them questions about their own lives, about their ministries and about what God is doing with them and why they are in the field that they are. It was very insightful to me, since this is the occupation that I have been looking at for over a year. So even in the small areas of this trip, God has been blessing us. We are now going to begin our time of debriefing and fellowship, and we will pray that we will recognize God’s continued blessings as we travel to Uganda.

We appreciate your prayers and would like you to know that we are also praying for you. Hope you are all doing well and that God has been equally blessing you at home. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your brother,

Dan (Team Chaplain)



Anonymous Dav? said...

Good to hear from you Danno!
We're praying for you and all the rest - thankful for how God has used you, but also praying for your safe return! Lord, willing, see you soon!

1:30 AM


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