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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Testimony from Amber

As the day started, we are all aware that this is the last day of camp. We all want to do our best but what I found after reflecting on today and this last week was that I learned so much.

Today's topic was testimony; sharing how God has worked in your life. After the Bible teaching, we split into our discussion groups. At first, my group was quiet but after some talking and reading Scripture, the students started to share. They did not share in a way that was a 20-minute long testimony, but they were consistent in understanding God's grace in their life or listening to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

For example, one student talked about how while her family was in their home, the militia came to tear down the door. Knowing that if the door was torn down, they would have died, the student gave glory and honor to God because the militia could not break through and they were saved. She understood that it was God's grace in her life that saved her.

Another student explained that his friend gave him two guns to protect himself from the militia. He was convicted by the Holy Spirit that only by God can he be saved and returned the guns to his friend. He had that teachable spirit that was sensitive to His convictions.

Through all these troubles, trials and tribulations, the students are still joyful, knowing that God is in control. How often am I completely content and joyful in my God when things do not go how I would prefer? It is something to think about. What an example these students have been to me and what a faithful, gracious God we have.



Anonymous Jaydadbrohub said...

Thanks Amber for the final Camp day wrap up. It sounds like even though the final day's teaching was "Cup Running Over" the true believers there really know the joy of our Saviour in the midst of tremendous trials and tragedies. We are looking forward to hearing each one of you on the trip share specifically what God is doing in your heart that will shape your lives forever. We continue to pray for you all.
In His Love,
Jaydadbrohub (Jay to all, dad to two, bro to all, hub to one)
Galatians 2:20

10:59 PM


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