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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The End is Sweeter than the Beginnng

Hey Guys,
Africa has been amazing! From Bunia, Congo to Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda.
We’ve seen some pretty sweet things. It has been s awesome to see how people love the Lord with all they have even when they’re going through some of life’s hardest trials. It’s also been a very humbling experience!

So we left Bunia on Sunday, which was hard to do because we all made great friends. Then we went to Kampala and stayed at this cute little place. Now we’re at QE Park! There are so many animals! Not a variety but a lot! (I don’t ever want to see a water buffalo again in my life!) There were so many deer type animals. I don’t know what they’re called but they all looked like deer to me. Also a lot of water buffalos. We saw Pumba and his family (warthogs). Kelly was very pleased with all of the elephants! Some were really close! The one thing that we all wanted to see didn’t come out and play! LIONS! It was very disappointing at the end of the day. But we got to spend the whole day gazing upon God’s beautiful creation, so I think we got over it!

Gazing upon His creation has been so wonderful to me personally. From the sun rises to the sun sets to the stars at night. I wish I could have captured the exact images because it’s been so beautiful and no one can explain them. The stars are so pretty and there’s so many! I saw my first planet!

Leaving Africa on Thursday is going to be very hard. We’re used to this culture it’s going to be weird to go home. I’m really looking forward to the food but I’ll miss the mystery of what I’ll be eating! It was kind of fun! Almost all of us have craved Charcoal Pit!

We’re all ready to come home but we’ll miss Africa! A little part of us is here forever!

Vicki (Team Encourager)

P.S. Happy Birthday to Mr. Foggy, Emery and Jenny!



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