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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Vision for Congo

One of the projects that we are going to be working on this summer is "“A VISION for Congo"” -- meaning we are going to have a drive in the months of July and August (since they would need to be ready to go with Russell and Alex in September) to collect READING GLASSES to be distributed to some of the Congolese Christians who are unable to read their Bibles at home and at church, due to weak eyesight!!!

Our goal is to collect 250 pairs of these glasses -– they can be from the dollar store - –they just need to have a magnification level of 1.5-2.75, with most around 2.00. These reading glasses in Bunia would be too expensive for the average adult to buy...

We have a team leader for the project, now we NEED the rest of you to help!!! Here'’s how:
  • ideas for the display, publicity, etc.
  • team members to man the display in July and August so that we can answer any questions and collect the glasses
  • help packing them so that they are easy for Russell and Alex to take with them in September
...more details to come

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scouting Trip Dates Set

Here's when Alex and Russell will be traveling:

02SEP 855P - BA 68 - PHL to LHR - 920A 03SEP
03SEP 725P - BA 63 - LHR to EBB - 540A 04SEP

13SEP 910A - BA 62 - EBB to LHR - 400P
17SEP 415P - BA 69 - LHR to PHL - 725P
In case you find that hard to read, essentially we'll be flying from Philadelphia on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, and then directly from the airport in Uganda out to Bunia on Monday morning. We plan to stay there just a few days before returning to Gregg and Karen's house in Kampala. After a couple days there, we flight out to spend the weekend in London. It will be my first time to set foot on sovereign European soil (outside the airport). Pretty amazing.

Friday, June 02, 2006

New Flag!

Hi everybody! Thanks again for the GAAMGBP (Going Away African Meal Gracie Birthday Party).

I was tooling around on the information superhighway earlier this week when I ran into a new D. R. Congo flag. I had no idea they had gotten a new flag. It evidently became official with their new constitution in February of this year. So, here it is: